Solution diagnostic entire IT environment

The CYBERSECURITY HEALTH CHECK offers a general evaluation of the internal and external IPs infrastructure, the habits of employees and major information security processes with the aim of map the main risks and impacts to the business.

Benefit #1

Identification and mitigation of risks and impacts on business with analysis of the development of operating performance trends.

Benefit #2

Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of IT management as well as threats and opportunities for improvement.

Benefit #3

Fraud reduction and lower probability of leakage of information.

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Success Cases

  • "I found the service SAFEWAY support an agile consulting, efficient and understand our risks and the needs of our business."

    Eduardo Cabral, Information Security, Governance and Risk Executive
  • "All the expertise of the team integrated SAFEWAY a leader in software Gartner transformed the Security Tower in a highly competitive and innovative solution."

    Marcio Nasser, CIO

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