09 benefits of People Management in the corporate world

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* Raíssa Ataide

Perform a good People management it becomes an effective and fundamental strategy for companies, be it of any size, invest in this process and realize that the return will be guaranteed. Good management will result in the efficiency of your business processes and will make it easier to achieve the desired results.

It is worth emphasizing how important it is to recognize and value the roles and responsibilities of each employee, to be concerned so that people work motivated, will make the competitive edge of your business. Success is not always directly linked to the variety of products offered to customers and partners, for them, the service and how it is treated, is also a decision factor that will contribute positively to hiring a service or product.

It has happened to go to a store with the intention of buying a product a lot and when being attended by a local employee, he did not give the necessary attention, or did not bother to take his doubts because he thought you would not take good or even even for lack of attention?

It is noted that the failure to attend is also a decisive factor. Perhaps the customer, even with all these obstacles, bought the product, but how would he evaluate the level of this service? Would he recommend the employee or the store?

A company that is linked to a good offer of products, but the rating of its service is poor, becomes a negative factor. The organization needs to pay attention and explore these two visions, the great strategy is to align the company's objectives with the personal objectives, because when establishing a synergistic relationship, in partnership with the employees, they will also be directly responsible for providing solutions, profits and even to guarantee the quality of sales and services provided.

The role of management is to carry out good leadership to obtain the expected results, to know how to manage expectations, conflicts and even maintain a good relationship internally and externally.

Which employee is not proud to work in a company, who sees the prospect of evolution in his personal and professional growth? An organization that gives inputs to evolve and supports your career and studies?

So, based on this panorama, the focus of the organization, comes to see and understand that each person is a different individual and this must be valued. For this reason, the role of the people manager becomes so important, he who will maintain healthy communication, will encourage the team to do / do the best in their actions, carry out feedbacks, monitor and worry about training new and old employees.

Below are the 09 main benefits of performing good management:

  1. Productivity will increase, as employees will be motivated;
  2. It will improve the atmosphere and group life;
  3. Employees will be concerned with their growth and the company will support this development;
  4. It will motivate employees and result in increased productivity and results obtained;
  5. More efficient processes;
  6. Attracting and retaining talent;
  7. Increased employee satisfaction;
  8. Reduction of costs and conflicts;
  9. Motivation, incentive and others.

Remember if:

  • Everyone needs to renew their knowledge, activities constantly evolve together with technology, so it is extremely necessary to invest in technical training to train. Train, develop and qualify each employee, in order to improve the activities performed on a daily basis and level the knowledge;
  • People management concept are actions, objectives aligned with the business, in order to develop the behavioral and technical profile of people;
  • It is necessary to know the needs of the employee, which motivates, be transparent, set goals and provide feedback, engage him;
  • Maintain a healthy dialogue, carry out a transparent and objective communication flow;
  • Synergy of teamwork minimizes conflicts, the company gets to know the skills of each one, encouraging diversity and bringing employees closer together;
  • Knowledge and competence are developed with the aim of valuing the individual;
  • Performing people management is linked to the focus on organizational culture, strategic alignment, development assessment, organizational climate etc.

* Raíssa Ataide is GRC and Information Security Consultant at [SAFEWAY]


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