The Importance of Information Security in Software Development

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* Ricardo Ambrizzi

With technological advances and significant changes in the last few years of organizations, the software development industry has undergone major changes in the flow of creation of new software / applications, due to the technologies enjoyed by consumers.

In addition to software development teams being increasingly multidisciplinary, and being increasingly demanded to optimize time management activities, adapt to new technologies, seek optimization in performance, features and usability, and at the same time ensure information security controls that are often not seen as a priority.

New technologies such as cloud computing, made the software / application development process more and more agile through integrated environments, with high performance and with more flexible and configurable methods. Making environments more vulnerable, as demonstrated by the Fortinet 2020 report, where Brazil suffered more than 3.4 billion cyber attacks in 2020, demonstrating the expressive number of information security vulnerabilities exposed in the systems / applications.

With new regulations like the LGPD - General Data Protection Law (No. 13709) and the Bacen Resolution (No. 4,893), which provides for the requirements for the processing of personal data in digital media and information security requirements for the contracting of data processing and storage and cloud computing services, information security during the design, development and maintenance process is of paramount importance, and is no longer just a necessity but a legal obligation for companies to effectively implement this good practice.

How to implement Information Security in Software Development?

In view of various frameworks and best practices for the implementation of information security in software development processes, the concept of Security by Design describes the best practices and security standards applied to architecture design and used as guidelines to ensure security and security. systems / applications privacy.

Security by Design is defined by 10 (ten) principles that must be implemented in the secure development cycle, among the main principles are: the minimization and restriction of unnecessary access, standardization in the development process, the minimization of privileges of unauthorized access, external protections against cyber attacks (detection, protection and reaction) and security in the software maintenance process.

Thus, seeking that information security be applied in the system from its conception and begin with the structuring of an appropriate architecture, considering: confidentiality, integrity and availability as basic premises.

In order to mitigate the risks of malicious practices, Security by Design considers this scenario to be realistic and through the definitions and premises defined by the OWASP (Open Project Application Security Project), the organization must mitigate the impacts of a possible vulnerability of information security.

In view of the current scenario, information security in the development process is of paramount importance from its conception to the final delivery of the system / application, both for regulatory compliance and supplier requirements, with the main importance being the protection against cyber attacks. , exposure / leakage of data and the protection of the organization's image and ensuring the protection of users.

[SAFEWAY] understanding this need developed the Cybersecurity Health Check whose objective is to perform a diagnosis of Cybersecurity and Information Security of the controls implemented in your company, covering the Processes, People and Technology pillars.

* Ricardo Martins Melo Ambrizzi, Information Security Consultant at [SAFEWAY]


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