ABBC promotes LGPD Implementation and Management event

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Sao Paulo, 09/05/2019

ABBC promoted on September 5th a workshop with associates about the General Data Protection Act (LGPD) and its suitability and implementation process. The event was attended by law firms Pinheiro Neto, Ópice Blum, Pigão, Ferrão and Fiorante and BeijaFlore Brasil and [SAFEWAY]

Promulgated under No. 13.709 / 2018, the GDPR It is a discipline that from August 2020 onwards companies will have to adapt their personal data processing procedures, including in digital media, as a way of protecting the fundamental rights of freedom and privacy.

As a market practice, the implementation of GDPR within companies have been divided into stages. In the first phase, a diagnosis is made to identify the compliance and governance gaps in relation to compliance with the Law. The actions involve mapping and understanding of the activities and the data processing flow, with the evaluation and / or revision of the legal bases, analysis of the governance maturity level of information that applies to data protection and privacy risks.

Then, the Privacy Program is structured, with the objective of building or improving the governance personal data, through policies for document management and for the collection of sensitive data (processing, storage and disposal) enabling compliance required by law. The actions involve the creation of a governance structure, internal policies and procedures and the insertion of the DPO (in charge of personal data protection) in the organizational structure.

Finally, the Action Plan is structured from the execution of the activities established in the project, for implementation and adaptation of the standard, as well as training and awareness campaigns for employees and suppliers, development of material with rules of good practices and governance. related to data processing.

“This event, demanded by many Associates, perfectly fulfilled its goal!
Contributed to the knowledge of the implementation stages of a program to adapt to the principle of General Data Protection Act (LGPD), as well as for a broader view of the services and products that are being offered in the market ”, commented ABBC's Director, Dr Sílvia Scorsato.

“Beautiful and timely ABBC Event focusing on effective methodologies and practical experiences of LGPD implementation, and deepening the particularities for the banking sector, bringing useful alternatives to simplify the process of its implementation”, ”commented ABBC Director Carlos Augusto de Oliveira.

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