BigID is Safeway's new strategic partnership

By September 11, 2020 No Comments

Information security consultancy [SAFEWAY] announces a strategic partnership with BigID.

More than ever, with the LGPD in place, we realize that many companies lack technology developed specifically to help them track and control their customers' data at scale.

By bringing data science to data privacy, BigID aims to provide companies with technology to protect and manage the most important assets that organizations manage: your customers' data.

Certainly, a potential strategic partner to support [SAFEWAY] in projects to adapt to the LGPD.

About BigID

BigID redefines privacy and data protection: helping organizations to know their data for privacy, protection and perspective.

BigID uses learning from machine learning Heydentity intelligence to help companies better protect customer and employee data on a petabyte scale. With BigID, companies can better manage and protect their customers' data, meet data protection and privacy standards such as LGPD and GDPR, and enjoy unparalleled coverage for all data across all data stores.

By bringing data science and technology developed specifically for privacy and data protection, BigID allows organizations to discover and map all types of data from all corporate data sources; automatically classify, correlate and catalog identity and entity data in profiles; manage and protect corporate data with advanced data intelligence; and automate privacy and data protection.

BigID is headquartered in New York City and has offices around the world - founded by veterans of the security industry that span the identity, data security, big data and governance markets.

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