[BRAND PROTECTION] The Importance of Brand Protection and Monitoring

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By Kelli Ribeiro *

The evolution of the Internet has brought a greater concern of organizations regarding the [BRAND PROTECTION], ie the protection of your brand online to achieve consumer reliability.

In the digital world, any branded organization is a potential target for a range of sophisticated attacks such as:

  • Attacks of phishing;
  • Identity theft;
  • Electronic fraud among other threats.

Brazil currently occupies the 5th position among the countries most frequently attacked by phishingAnnually, more than 3.2 billion reais are lost due to electronic fraud in Brazil, causing great damage to organizations.

Which is Brand Protection?

The service of Brand Protection monitors mentions of brands, products and services in the environment online, providing the opportunity to prevent threats (complaints, fraud or attacks) from compromising the organization's confidentiality, image and reputation.

Brand and Opportunity Monitoring

With the monitoring and brand mention activity you can:

  • Discover and overthrow fraudulent acts like websites as well as finding legitimate apps in unauthorized stores;
  • Identify profiles on social networks fakes and analyze the behavior of these profiles;
  • Address and manage customer misuse of domain registrations, social networks, pages web, emails piracy, and cases of intellectual property theft.

From this monitoring information can be collected to define business strategy, such as:

  • Identify what people say about organizations in various social networks;
  • Observe how your main competitors act on social networks;
  • Identify what customers say about their main competitors;
  • Collect relevant news about the business of organizations.

 There are several benefits to Brand Protection, among them we can highlight:

  • Intellectual property protection, brand integrity, social content control, threat detection.
  • Protection of digital content against downloads illegal;
  • IP protection against unauthorized use.
  • Identification of how customers see the brand and what they comment on.
  • Definition of commercial strategies to analyze competitors 'behavior and customers' opinion about competitor services.

 We can conclude that:

THE brand building recognized in the market is the result of a lot of dedication and hard work when the desired goal is to achieve reliability consumers and ensure brand integrity. Soon we can consider brand value a valuable asset to the organization, as well as the goods, service values, and ideas with which they are associated and need to be protected.

With the growing use of social media, blogs, forums, and the entire Internet as the primary consumer technology, it has become easy for information to spread and proliferate threats to both brand image and data security for the organization.

So it is crucial iinvest in technology for monitoring the internet and social media both to protect the brand and to identify new business opportunities.


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