How are you prioritizing data protection in your security strategy?

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Nowadays news about data protection breaches is almost daily like never before.

Recent Global Studies show that the average cost of such an incident is on average U$ 3.8 million (Look on here the research of Ponemom Institute).

Furthermore, we know that theft of business strategies, innovative projects or intellectual property can mean the financial ruin of an organization.

Because of this value, data considered sensitive became the center of attention in business and became a very attractive target for the attack.

Traditionally, we still see some organizations defining their Information security centered only on defenses of 1 perimeter & #8221; to protect your data with antivirus software and firewalls, but we know these tools aren't ready for today's advanced threats.

In addition, the data is constantly growing, changing and moving, so measures for its protection should be able to adapt.

Therefore, prioritize your data protection strategy with a solution that offers:

  • Active and holistic approach to protect sensitive data on all types of platforms, including large databases, Hadoop, NoSQL, cloud and file systems.
  • May you find out sensitive data, current risks and able to take proactive action.
  • Data protection confidential against internal and external threats with encryption, masking, writing, activity monitoring, dynamic blocking, alerts and quarantine.
  • Automation compliance and audit reports.
  • Dashboards with database security levels with their respective corrective actions, such as changing data volumes, new users, and new technologies.


In its security projects SAFEWAY indicates and uses IBM Security Guardium technology to analyze, secure and adapt data protection, also for mmonitor database access and automate compliance controls.

In the video below a briefing of the IBM Security Guardium solution.

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