Know the WireLurker Malware Virus

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WireLurker It can steal information from the mobile devices it infects in addition to requesting update command and control (C&C) servers. It can also automatically generate malicious applications, automatically download applications to infected devices, and use company provisioning flags as an attack vector.

The ultimate goal of malware is not clear at this time.

Customers can protect themselves by following basic mobile security guidelines:

• Do not download or run Mac applications or games, or any third-party applications, download sites, or other unreliable sources.

• Set OS X system security and privacy preferences for: & Allow applications downloaded from the Mac App Store & #8221; or #8220; Mac App Store and identified developers & #8221;

• Use mobile iOS security protection software and all OS X systems

• Do not jailbreak iOS or use jailbroken devices

• Do not accept any unknown provisioning profiles unless you are a trusted and authorized party as your IT help desk.

• Avoid pairing or powering iOS devices through unknown or untrusted devices or chargers.

IBM protection

IBM offers the following mobile protections:

MaaS360 can ensure that devices are properly enrolled and that apps can only come from legitimate stores

Trusteer Mobile SDK It can help protect organizations' native mobile applications by performing device risk factor analysis and providing a persistent mobile device ID, including enhanced jailbreak detection.

Arxan Application Protection for IBM Solutions can help protect individual applications from risk, including hacker attacks and malware exploits.

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