Information Security Controls and Methods

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*By Gerson Lemos

Information Security Controls and Methods


One of the main security issues today is data leakage. Caused by attacks against infrastructure systems or components, leaks often include personal data, access credentials, sensitive documents or private conversations.

Description of methods counterattacks and leaks

There are many methods to protect the security of data and information in organizations against these attacks, including:

– Create and adopt security and awareness measures to prevent incidents, identifying gaps and vulnerabilities and using essential tools to act in this scenario, always paying attention to risks;

– Use of DLP solution, which will identify the transmission of confidential data, preventing such information and data from being sent, saved or taken to other locations;

– Create internal security policies that can make employees aware of the rules and guidelines related to assets, restrictions related to access, protection related to information sharing, monitoring and control for the business;

– Create more effective firewall-related solutions, capable of preventing and blocking unwanted data traffic that can affect the company's network;

– Application of security methods as a double authentication factor for logins with access credentials;

– Applications monitoring applications and server access.

Other items we can use as security methods include:

– Create information security and awareness policies and campaigns, containing information related to secure passwords, file and information sharing, segregation of duties and guidance to areas for definition related to access for each area, defining each profile for each type of position or responsibility;

– Scheduling of training for the company related to attention to emails from viruses, phishing, unauthorized access and emails from questionable domains.

Benefits of using these methods

We may use these methods to prevent and ensure the security of data and information, so we can bring more effective security to our organization. This will all prevent the organization's confidential data and information from being shared or sent, thus compromising the company in relation to its information and plans. We can also prevent our network from being hacked and leaking credentials and information.


In current times of application of our LGPD law, it is essential to comply with data and information security.

Information is valuable to corporations and being aligned with these security methods makes us rethink how secure our systems and applications are. Many companies need to meet these criteria and observe these points, use effective tools and educate their employees to comply with data and information security.


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– Gerson Lemos is Safeway's GRC and Information Security Consultant