Cybersecurity Health Check & #8211; Mitigating Cyber Attack Risks

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 Cybersecurity Health Check

  1. 63% Brazilian Companies Have No Plans Against Cyber Threats

Budget constraints are a major obstacle to advancing information security within organizations

May 12, 2016 & #8211; 12:02 pm - Computerworld font

More than half of Brazilian companies are not prepared to deal with cyber threats, indicates the new edition of the Global Information Security Survey (GISS), an annual study by Ernst & Young.

The survey of 1755 C-level IT and IT executives in 67 countries indicated that 63% of national organizations do not have threat prevention programs, while 43% do not have a vulnerability identification program and 45% do not. no breach detection program.

For 36% respondents, their companies' IT IT typically takes up to 1 hour to start investigating a possible cyber incident, while 15% said that response could take more than a day.

Budget constraints were pointed to by 80% respondents as the main obstacle to advancing the information security area within the organization.

According to the survey, 65% of Brazilian respondents say their companies' spending on information security amounts to less than US$ million.




 Global Results

Globally, nearly 70% respondents said their information security budget should increase by up to 50% to meet their business needs..

According to the survey, the main sources of cyber attack cited were: organized crime (59%), hackers (54%) and terrorists (35%). The survey also pointed out that companies also feel vulnerable to attacks by employees (44%) and outdated systems (34%).

More than half of respondents stated that their companies do not yet have a dedicated area for analyzing emerging technologies and their business impacts. Phishing was considered the top threat to business by 44% respondents, while 43% considered malware the biggest challenge for the industry.

Almost 60% of respondents said the contribution and value that information security provides to their organization is compromised by the lack of qualified talent available in the market..

  1. Cyber security breaches affect 90% of companies in Brazil

CompTIA research places Brazil among the most vulnerable countries in the world. Mobility and cloud worry national companies

May 19, 2016 & #8211; 7:10 AM - Computerworld font

With this in mind, SAFEWAY has developed the Cybersecurity Health Check  . A technology-wide diagnostic solution, using the intelligence of years of incident response investigations and current security trends to identify active threats and risky behaviors.

Key Benefits of Cybersecurity Health Check:

  • Identification and mitigation of risks and impacts on the business with analysis of the development of operational performance trends.
  • Analysis of IT management strengths and weaknesses, as well as threats and opportunities for improvement.
  • Reduced fraud and less likely to leak information.

 Download the Cybersecurity Health Check presentation:

Consult us to learn more and how we can implement these practices in your business.


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