[Gartner] Managing and Defending Your Security Budget

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End of 2016 is coming and new planning for 2017 is coming & #8230;

[SAFEWAY] believes that CISOs have increasingly become extremely strategic for ensuring business success, but many continue to face a number of issues when it comes to defending the area's budget.

To try and help we suggest you do the download from the Gartner report: & #8220; How to Manage and Defend Your Security Budget & #8221 ;. In him the Gartner illustrates how security and risk management professionals must manage and defend security budgets to meet security protection expectations. stakeholders.

Hope you enjoy the content.

Key points of the report:

• A budget Security should address the organization's specific objectives, technologies, and risks.

• Security leaders must demonstrate their understanding and support of business objectives and their sensitivity to how security will contribute to business growth.

• The preparation of budget It should expand to other factors specific to an organization's security concerns, while addressing compliance and regulatory requirements.

PS: Despite concerns about 2017 planning, 2016 is not over for SAFEWAY.
We are in the final stretch and will close the year with major projects in new clients.


We are here to support you on this final stretch!

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