[TEST SECURITY TOWER] Business-oriented Vulnerability and Risk Management

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O SAFEWAY SECURITY TOWER was developed by the professional experts in vulnerability management gives [SAFEWAY] who use all their expertise with IBM® Security QRadar® Vulnerability Manager technology.

The lack of budget for investment in new technologies is not a problem only for small and medium enterprises. Large companies also have difficulty approving the budget for some solutions, and this happens because IT often doesn't speak the same language as the business, yet often fails to show the return on investment in the solution.

Managers know that technology is a competitive differentiator, bringing innovation and efficiency to the organization, on the other hand, often the investment required is high and the return time consuming. So what can you do to survive? The answer is to understand the business..

An area of technological innovation within the company requires a lot of money and is not the reality of everyone. But to innovate is to see new possibilities, aligned with the company's business objective, which can be easily visualized using specific technologies. No manager has any doubt that IT helps innovate and accelerate business. For example, when a tool makes it possible to see all corporate bottlenecks and where they occur, it is much easier and faster to make decisions, creating more value for the organization.


  • Quick Access Decision Support information is easy to allocate resources and protect assets
  • Vulnerability Management based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • Data Centralization of threats making it possible to follow a consistent and repetitive process of high quality, low cost threat remediation;
  • Big data analytics power to aggregate, standardize and analyze massive amounts of data related to technology security;
  • Data granularization, historical basis and trend map enabling detailed technical reports and executive reports;
  • Risk Identification and Mitigation and business impacts;
  • Increased confidence from customers and suppliers;
  • Fraud reduction;
  • Preservation and enhancement of brand reputation and hence competitive advantage;
  • Less likelihood of leakage through effective and efficient vulnerability management.

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SAFEWAY is an Information Security consulting company, recognized by its clients for offering high value added solutions through projects that fully meet business needs. During these years of experience, we have proudly accumulated several successful projects that have earned us credibility and prominence in our clients, which constitute in large part the 100 largest companies in Brazil.

Today, through 22 strategic partnerships with global manufacturers and our SOC, SAFEWAY is considered a one stop shopping with the best technology solutions, processes and people. SAFEWAY's SOC uses QRadar to monitor customer environments.


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