GPTW: Another year Safeway is recognized as a great place to work

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ISO27001 e GPTW

How would you define, in just one word, the secret for a company to work?

If you think the secret are the people, you're right!


We started 2021 at a fast pace!

We just received our certificate Great Place to Work (GPTW) updated, which attests that the company is a great place to work.

The certification was granted by the GPTW® Institute, which requires the application of a questionnaire on the organizational climate for employees. Through the answers obtained, the level of satisfaction with the company is identified, which only receives certification if it reaches a score equal to or greater than 70.

“A good place to work is one where people are proud to be and give their best for a bigger goal, which is built daily. This occurs through relationships, in addition to the committed and competent way in which everyone performs their work. We are certain that with the strong and engaged team we will achieve all of our goals ”, celebrates Antonieta Brito, Safeway's Adm coordinator.

She explains that the group has grown a lot in recent years and, at some point, the management identified the need to pay even more attention to the organizational climate. Since then, Safeway has been working to be an increasingly pleasant environment for everyone.

And even in such a difficult and unimaginable year caused by the pandemic and social withdrawal, we are still going strong. 

Certificate renewal GPTW it comes as a confirmation that the actions we value were worth it, but not as an end. The initiatives do not stop there, as ensuring a good working environment for everyone is an objective of continuous effort.

Let's go together #besafeway


Regarding the [SAFEWAY]

THE SAFEWAY is an Information Security company, recognized by its customers for offering high added value solutions, through Information Security projects that fully meet business needs. In these years of experience, we have accumulated, with great pride, several successful projects that have earned us credibility and prominence in our clients, which constitute in large part, the 100 largest companies in Brazil.

Today through more than 22 strategic partnerships with global manufacturers and our SOC, SAFEWAY is considered a one stop shopping with the best technology solutions, processes and people.

Let's make the world a safer place to live and do business!