Continuous Improvement - Involvement of Senior Management and PDCA Management System

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* Raíssa Ataide

The importance of senior management involvement

Regardless of the Management System, be it Quality (ISO / IEC 9001: 2015), Services (ISO / IEC 20000: 2011) or Information Security (ISO / IEC 27001: 2013), the role of Top Management is highlighted for all those organizations that seek to implement and ensure that their processes and services are carried out effectively.

One of the factors that make good implementation impossible, is the absence of a participative leadership figure, the lack of synergy, planning and monitoring of the manager.

It is necessary for the senior management representative to ensure that those involved recognize the importance of meeting service requirements and understand the business.

This figure within the company is a fundamental part to evaluate strategies and identify improvements in processes and services, ensuring that a management system has the required performance levels and that there is the integration of people, technology and business processes.

With these pillars in mind, we understand that top management needs to provide the necessary resources for development, implementation, operation and maintenance.

It needs to determine and provide the human, financial, technological resources and information necessary for the work, periodically monitor the scenario through critical analyzes, in order to identify the business offenders and propose continuous improvements in order to ensure the efficiency of the service.

In companies where management is fully involved, great results can be seen, but senior management does not work alone, it is important to highlight that a matrix of responsibilities must be defined so that the roles and roles are well established for everyone in the organization.

And thinking about continuous improvement how can we achieve?

PDCA Management System

In order to obtain efficiency in projects and improvements in processes, the system of PDCA management, also known as Deming Cycle or Shewhart Cycle, which aims to provide continuous process improvement through cyclical actions, seeking to identify and solve problems.

The acronym PDCA stands for:

• (P) Plan = plan;

At this stage, objectives, goals, methodologies and indicators are defined.

• (D) Do = do;

It is important that in this execution phase, a study / alignment is carried out with the people involved in the process, to ensure that the objectives are very clear and defined.

At the time of implementation, of “doing”, everything that was defined in the planning phase is put into practice, if any problem was identified in the previous phase, it is necessary to align the reason for the failure.

• (C) Check = check;

Activity that should occur simultaneously with the implementation phase so that the inputs are analyzed and unsatisfactory results can be corrected quickly.

Follow-up should be carried out with the aim of validating whether what was established was foreseen.

• (A) Act = act.

With the cycle completed, this is the time to act effectively on the points of attention that deviate from the results obtained, making the correction of the flaws, applying adjustments and improvements so that a new phase is made.

Finally, the PDCA cycle is a method used within Quality Management for the organization of a company's processes to ensure the adoption of measures aligned with business strategies, performing continuous monitoring of processes, methods and actions that result in continuous improvement .

* Raíssa Ataíde is a GRC and Information Security Consultant at Safeway

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