HIPAA & #8211; Health IT Systems Security and Cybersecurity

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At health organizations they are also the target of cyber security breaches. The Ponemon Institute estimates that healthcare organizations average $ $ 3.7 million in lost revenue from data breaches.

The impact on the patient is also substantial, such as breach of health record information that contains private and confidential patient information, including document numbers and credit card numbers.

Think About:

  • Should healthcare organizations be required to have more sophisticated safety programs than other industries?
  • What security structure best serves health organizations?
  • What unique challenges do health organizations face when it comes to cyber security?
  • Should healthcare organizations include threat hunting in their cyber strategy?
  • What should healthcare organizations do to ensure patient data is secure?

In an exclusive podcast, Shahid Shah, CEO of Netspective, discusses these and other provocative questions on this subject with David Chou, Director of Information and Digital at Children & #8217; Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri.



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