What is OSINT?

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São Paulo/SP – August 25, 2022. OSINT is a term used to refer to Open Source Intelligence, which is the method of obtaining information for free use, available in open sources such as magazines, websites, books, news, among others.

*By Leandro Viana

Upon hearing the word OSINT, the first reaction of most people outside the Information Security field will probably be: What is this? where do you live? What do you eat? But the truth is that everyone has carried out a survey, however small, at one time. And that, my dears, is a kind of OSINT.

OSINT is a term used to refer to Open Source Intelligence, which is the method of obtaining information for free use, available in open sources such as magazines, websites, books, news, among others.

When we do a Google search, for example, looking for names, addresses, news from newspapers, searching for profiles on social networks, this is all a form of OSINT. The options and ways are the most diverse, and the level of depth of your research has more to do with your curiosity and an “outside the box” way of thinking than with technical knowledge. However, like everything else in life, if we want to get the most out of this technique, it is important to look for the tools available on the market and understand what each one can provide us with information, in order to achieve the greatest amount of relevant information about a target.

OSINT example

  1. I want to research something.

Can I perform the search using tools other than Google? How about seeing what the same search brings up if I go to Bing or Duckduckgo?

  1. I want to meet a person, but I don't have much information.

What are this person's hobbies? Are there no pages, groups or communities with this specific hobby? How about filtering by location? Or even by comments on a post, likes on a photo. Can't find a comment or like from this person?

With these simple ways of thinking, we are making searches much more aware of the power of reach that we can reach, bringing much more satisfying results.

The importance of OSINT

In the example above, we had a different view of searching for a person, based simply on the hobby information that person would have. But in the same way, instead of having a person as a research target, it could still be a situation of much greater relevance.

A search for a missing person, information about a company that is no longer in business, a more detailed job for a college or simply a random search for news that interests us.

To avoid being targeted by OSINT attacks

As OSINT is a method that can be used by any person, company or even bad intentioned people, we must take some precautions regarding what is being published, the reach and availability of viewing and access to these publications, be they photos, comments, or even documents and files that may contain sensitive information.

With the lack of information and awareness, we can run the risk of exposing personal and business data of disastrous proportions falling into the hands of bad intentions.

Therefore, we can take some points as tips to avoid information leaks.

  • Make sure the public file does not contain personal information (personal name, address, etc.)
  • Check that the company's internal information is not included in social networks, announcements, personal publications, etc.

The disclosed information could be useful to an attacker. Also, if an account password is easy, it can lead to unauthorized access. If the disclosed information is linked to inside information, this in itself will result in an information leak. Therefore, it is important to make each employee aware of information security.


With OSINT, everyday information from personal interests to sensitive information about people and companies becomes fully accessible.

We must therefore make our friends and co-workers aware of the importance of keeping confidential information in secure environments. Which strengthens the security of personal and company information.

— Leandro Viana is a Pentester | Cybersecurity | RedTeam at [SAFEWAY]

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