[OVERVIEW] Cyberday 2022 – RED TEAM

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São Paulo/SP – June 24, 2022. Eliezer Souza – Red Team Manager

“Firstly, I am very happy and I thank SAFEWAY for granting me this opportunity, because when I joined SAFEWAY, I always wanted to evolve, add to the team that was very small, bring new technologies, as well as contribute to the company's growth.

And, from what we've seen, I highlight that seeing everyone here made me even happier, because I could see how the Red Team team has grown and that was something very positive for both parties!!!

The idea of cyberday was to bring our employees to a mini event, where everyone could share their knowledge, discuss the methodologies used to achieve effectiveness in the work presented to us by our customers. Remembering that not always, mainly due to the rush of everyday life, we have this opportunity.

During this event, each of the collaborators make a presentation (sort of giving a mini-lecture) about new technologies, recent studies, vulnerability discoveries, POC (a proof of concept) exploring recent vulnerabilities aimed at applications, systems and etc…

Each of the collaborators, on their own, end up preparing the most diverse materials that can be shared via SAT in the future and or in the form of an article for our digital channels.

This year we created challenges in which the team was awarded symbolic recognition and everyone liked it a lot.

I would like to highlight the presence and participation of our Leading Partner Carlos Borella, who always makes a big difference to all employees.”

Cyber Security Red Team

Cyber Security Red Team

— Eliezer Souza is Red Team Manager at [SAFEWAY]

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