Phishing - Learn how to block it using an IBM free tool

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By Maximiano Neto *

Problems with phishing? Today we spend most of our time connected to the internet, so we are increasingly exposed to cyber threats that can harm us in many different ways from identity theft to data hijacking and more. To protect us from these threats, technology companies are increasingly investing in data security, one such investment for example is Quad9.

                O Quad9 is a tool developed by a partnership of IBM Security, Packet Clearing House (PCH) and Global Cyber Alliance (GCA).

Launched in late 2017 the Quad9 is a service of Free DNS which has a database that has millions of malicious websites known to steal data and infect users with ransomware, and is another layer of protection for their data.

The malicious websites database of Quad9 is powered by IBMX-Force's own threat base, plus 18 other sources like, F-Secure, 360NetlabeThreatSTOP.

                The implementation is very simple just enter the network settings and change the DNS to the addresses:

Primary Server:

Secondary Server:

                From the time of change every time you enter a URL in your browser, the address will be verified by Quad9 and if the site is malicious it will not allow browsing protecting you and your data from a direct threat.

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For more information on Quad9:

For more information follow the links of the companies involved in the project:

About IBM Security

About Packe tClearing Housand

About the Global Cyber Alliance

* Maximiano Neto & #8211; Information Security Consultant at [SAFEWAY]



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