Safeway is the new member of Grupo Lide

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Founded in Brazil, in 2003, LIDE - Group of Business Leaders is an organization that brings together executives from the most varied sectors of activity in order to strengthen the free initiative of economic and social development, as well as the defense of ethical principles of corporate governance in public and private spheres.

Present in several countries with 23 operating fronts, the group has 41 regional and international units with the purpose of enhancing the performance of the business community in the construction of an ethical, developed and competitive society globally.

“We are excited to participate in the meetings alongside LIDE. The exchange of knowledge and entrepreneurship are fundamental to the economy of any country, as it is from these exchanges that innovative ideas lead to profound transformations in business, creating new opportunities - something that is part of our DNA ”says Umberto Rosti - Charmain of Safeway .



THE SAFEWAY is an Information Security company, recognized by its customers for offering high added value solutions, through Information Security projects that fully meet business needs. In these years of experience, we have accumulated, with great pride, several successful projects that have earned us credibility and prominence in our clients, which constitute in large part, the 100 largest companies in Brazil.

Today through more than 17 strategic partnerships with global manufacturers and our SOC, SAFEWAY is considered a one stop shopping with the best technology solutions, processes and people.

Let's make the world a safer place to live and do business!