Safeway and ServiceNow Announce Partnership for Information Security and GRC Solutions

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The consultancy starts to sell the Softwarehouse's Operations Security and GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) solutions

Safeway, a consultancy specializing in Information Security, Risks and Cybersecurity, announces a commercial partnership with ServiceNow, a global company that operates in digital workflows. Under the agreement, the consultancy starts to market and implement the developer's Security of Operations and GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) solutions.

The person responsible for the GRC area and partner at Safeway, Eduardo Camolez, recalls that the company's proposal is to offer the best technologies to its customers. “We established the processes, offered the training and looked for these technologies in partnerships like the one we are announcing now”, he says, remembering that ServiceNow's solutions are market leaders.

The solution is sold in three packages, the most complete with vulnerability response features

For Camolez, the potential of the ServiceNow solution combined with Safeway's implementation experience builds a differential little seen in the Brazilian market. “It is an offer with tremendous added value. We understand the client's reality and we can design the best possible process, customizing the solution so that it brings the best results ”, he says, emphasizing that the solution offers excellent features and the consultancy has the best practices to customize them according to according to the needs of each client.

ServiceNow's Director of Alliances, Marcus Santos, highlights that the partnership is in line with the company's strategy to expand the ecosystem. “Safeway has the know-how we were looking for and, by selecting them, we will be able to expand our GRC and CyberSecurity offerings to the market”, he recalls. According to the executive, the opportunities that exist here are very promising.

Santos also stresses that the partnership should leverage these sales, since Safeway dominates the security language. “It is a language and approach that is different from that traditional for IT professionals. That is why we have Safeway's expertise and consultative vision. It is a partner that, in addition to selling licenses, will sell knowledge. You will be able to serve clients on end-to-end projects, from assessment to support ”, predicts the executive.

Security solutions

The partnership between Safeway and ServiceNow involves the commercialization and implementation of the following solutions:

Security Operations - the solution is sold in three packages, the most complete with vulnerability response features; responding to security incidents; reliable security circles; threat intelligence; event management; performance analysis for security operations; orchestration execution time; orchestration packages; and configuration compliance.

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) - also has three packages. The most complete has features such as policy management and compliance; Risk management; performance analysis; audit management; use-case accelerators; virtual agent (chatbot); predictive intelligence; and management of operational risks;

Camolez recalls that Safeway acts strongly in regulated sectors, such as finance, telecommunications and government and that the approval of the LGPD (General Data Protection Law) will stimulate new business. "We are doing many assessment projects to show customers where they should act because of the LGPD and ServiceNow's solutions will serve all of these customers," he predicts.