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[SAFEWAY] New Channel: Safety Drops

By July 24, 2018 No Comments

Welcome to Safeway Safety Drops & #8220;

Through this channel YouTube you will have access to weekly videos with information security, cybersecurity, risk and compliance issues.

In less than 03 minutes you will be able to know the main topics of the market, Rules and Resolutions, theme updates, news, curiosities and much more.

Watch the introduction and don't forget to subscribe to our channel YouTube


THE [SAFEWAY] is a widely recognized company as a provider of premium information security and cybersecurity solutions. From its extensive portfolio, we highlight several solutions, including those based on platforms:

  • Archer da RSA Security, considered by the institutes Gartner and Forrester and by the market itself, the most complete process integration solution for Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and Business Continuity Management;
  • [SAFEWAY]Security Tower, supported by IBM Qradar (Watson technology), tailored to each organization in its security and cyber defense management needs.
  • And others, involving technologies ImpervaThalesBeyondTrust,  WatchGuard Technologies.

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