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SaaS & #8211; Growth in Brazil

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Looking at the infographic below we realize that companies have embraced Software as a Service (SaaS).


Gartner research shows that 71% organizations have been using this model for less than three years. Here's an important finding: Brazil had the largest number of new users. Among the companies interviewed, 27% reported that they have adopted the model for less than a year.

[SAFEWAY] also offers the “S-SaaS” - Security Solutions as Servic model for companies of any size to access security projects using leading-edge technology from leading companies.

The service, which optimizes resources, reduces operating costs and avoids losses caused by the materialization of information security risks, has a major business focus, helping companies deal with information security and develop a strategic vision to achieve your goals.

“Our goal is to show companies how security initiatives can add value to their business and improve overall results. But all this with a business language, so they can understand the real needs of the company and facilitate proof of return, ”says Umberto Rosti, CEO of [SAFEWAY].

As “S-SaaS” - Security Solutions as a Service, the client will hire a complete diagnosis of the company's punctual weaknesses. If the project implementation is accepted, the company is exempt from the cost of diagnosis, which will be charged only in case of non-contracting of the project. In the next step, the company chooses the service modules it intends to act, such as Information Sensitivity Control, Audit Compliance, Security Baseline, Business Resilience and others.

The cost will be charged per user or computer. At the end of the project, which can last one, three or five years, the company has the availability to buy the technology. Another possibility is to choose the location of the service, which can be in the company itself or using the servers of [SAFEWAY].

According to Rosti, the initiative to act in this model will also serve almost all companies in the country, seeking innovation and market knowledge.

“What we realize is that companies want and need to invest in security, but often end up with budget, because they do not make available thousands of dollars to buy a solution. With this service, companies will pay a monthly amount and have access to the best technologies in the market, as well as justifying and showing indicators to the business, ”he says.

 [SAFEWAY], which operates throughout Brazil, believes in higher demand for service in the country, as this is a worldwide trend.

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