Contingency Room, Do I Really Need One ?!

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We all know that more important than having a Business Continuity Plan & #8211; NCP, is to execute it within its goals. Invariably, for the execution of a Business Continuity Plan, a backup site or contingency site (contingency room) is required, where there is minimal infrastructure so that key personnel in the organization can execute key business processes. , while the business continuity team restores the organization's normal operation.

All of this so that the organization can operate properly, within the scope of its NCP and its specific needs, reducing the financial and image impact by quickly re-establishing operational processes and meeting the standards required by the authorities.

Thus [SAFEWAY] offers its customers a customized contingency site for operating their critical business processes during a disaster or critical event. Meeting security certification standards, business continuity requirements, Disaster Recovery -DR, or even to continue operating in the event of other unforeseen events.

sala de contigencia

Have a Contingency Room and manage your risk of downtime!


  • Custom solutions for shared or dedicated use
  • Contingency room with work positions ready for immediate use
  • Executive Room / Senior Management (Situation Room)
  • Site located in Avenida Paulista, São Paulo, next to the subway (central and easily accessible)
  • During use, the entire pantry service will be available and catering
  • Dedicated infrastructure equipment (internet access, VPN, firewall, Office suite, antivirus, among others)
  • International and local phones and voice extensions, including cell phones
  • Recurring tests for electrical maintenance, generators / UPSs and building
  • Rooms and data center own equipped with internal circuit TV, access control, air conditioning, generators, UPS, Property Security, Fire Brigade and Fire Detectors
  • Deployment methodology based on ITIL, ISO27001 and ISO22301 recommendations
  • Permanent access 24x7x365

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