Cyber Security: Thinking of Innovation and Collaboration

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Cyber Security x Innovation x Collaboration

Have a specific area for Tecnologic innovation Inside the company requires a lot of money and is not the reality at all. But the INNOVATE It is also about seeing new possibilities, especially when they are aligned with company business objective.

none CISO or Security Manager has doubts that with the ever-increasing threat, knowing and managing the risks of Cyber Security It has become one of the major concerns of business leaders.

It is also noticeable that more and more corporate executives and boards are becoming more alert and demanding about cyber risks and its impacts. Many boards of directors are starting to face the Cyber Security as a serious risk management issue with strategic, cross-functional, legal and financial implications.

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THE Global Information Security Survey 2016 made by PwC in conjunction with CIO and CSO magazines, points out that companies are adopting a more collaborative approach to cybersecurityby sharing threat information and response techniques with external partners.

Collaboration and Partnerships are fundamental to ensuring the Cyber Securitybringing together technologies and knowledge of threats. In the current threat landscape, the collaboration It is as important as technology to ensure cyber security.

The question is: how to stay safe? And the answer may be: don't try to do everything yourself.

Collaboration and innovation must be combined to combat cyber crime

The research states that: Forward-thinking executive leaders are rethinking their business practices. Cyber Security and focusing on a range of innovative solutions and models that can mitigate risk and improve business performance.

These organizations have been seeking efficiency in identifying and prioritizing risks, assessing the maturity of their cybersecurity practices, and communicating better internally and externally. Most organizations say they collaborate with external partners to improve security and reduce risk.

The watchword is to rethink the role of top executives and the board of directors to create more resilient and proactive security models. Technology and inovation They are expensive but are necessary and in many cases indispensable. To win this battle organizations must use knowledge from a variety of sources.

THE [SAFEWAY] Uses all the expertise of our security consultants associated with the best partner technology companies such as IBM, RSA, Thales, Intel Security adding innovation and collaboration and meeting security, risk, compliance and cybersecurity demands.

Finally, when a company jointly defines a strategy and decides not to manage its security assets on its own because they lack the resources to understand and manage the wide range of products available in the market, they may have the choice to benefit from strategic services and partnerships. either through a CAPEX model, where the tool would come in as an investment in goods, or OPEX, where costs would come in as operating expenses. 

Know that:

THE [SAFEWAY] In recent years it stands out in the market with a Security offering called SAFEWAY SECURITY TOWER that delivers innovation, collaboration and efficiency to vulnerability and risk management. It is a modular solution, without the need for large upfront investments, which enables an effective and detailed vulnerability analysis where it is possible to view the main current risks to business processes supported by information assets.

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