Information Security in the IOT environment

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*By Carolina Silva

 “Internet of Things – IOT”

The term Internet of Things (IOT) is a concept used to describe the digital interconnect of everyday objects through intelligent sensors and software that transmit data to a network. The Internet of Things is already a current reality, such as home appliances, means of transport and even clothes or sneakers that connect to devices such as our own smartphone and from which we can control or carry out various actions. According to Gartner, it is estimated that by 2020, 12 billion devices will be connected to the IOT, which leads us to reflect on what changes will come from this. In this article, two strands were separated that made the IOT evolve so much over the years.

big data

We already have many devices today that collect every kind of data we can imagine, and in the near future where IOT devices will predominate, this amount of data will come in extraordinary proportions, and companies will need to find a way to store, control, track and analyze this data for efficient use. That's where the big data, which is nothing more than a set of techniques capable of analyzing large amounts of data, which in return, generate important results for the organization.

Smart Cities

A good description of a Smart City it would be a sustainable city with a system of people interacting and using technology to ensure better quality of life. There are many ways the Internet of Things can improve life in the big city, for example, who has never been stuck in chaotic traffic? In a Smart City, intelligent traffic lights receive information via satellite, and with this greater automatic precision it is possible to adjust traffic as needed. In security, it is possible to use Artificial Intelligence, to monitor cameras and identify possible risks, calling the police whenever necessary.

Information Security in the Internet of Things environment

As seen in previous topics, the facility has increased and will continue to increase on a large scale, experts say that in the current scenario, the more facility there is, the less security there is. When developing the most diverse types of IOT devices, the security behind them is not being considered. And why is it necessary to think about Security even before developing them? It's simple, imagine your house, your car, your watch and everything you use interconnected. Excellent, isn't it? Now imagine that someone wants to do something harm to you or your family, he can easily take control of your house and your watch, he can control the temperature, brake and steering wheel of your car, so you become vulnerable.

Privacy is something that is being lost more and more. For this reason there are some laws coming into force, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applicable to all individuals, or companies that have data of individuals residing in the European Union, and the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) which has the same objective, but for residents of Brazil. How difficult will it be to guarantee privacy in a world where devices need the most diverse types of data to integrate with each other?

The threats do not end there, the corporate world will need a lot of dedication to adapt Information Security in such a scenario. And the main question is: Is the world prepared to make the essential efforts to use all these benefits with the necessary security?

The answer is simple: yes. However, it is necessary for the world to start right away to rethink and design the devices with the level of security that is ideal for each one, before the number of devices is too high and disastrous situations happen on too large scales to be possible to carry out the due repairs.


– Vitória Silva is a Cyber Security Analyst




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