PIX Security

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* By Vitória Silva

What is PIX?

It is a means of payment created by the Central Bank (BC). A fully digital payment system with availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week, compatible with interbank transfers and with instant clearing.

In addition to increasing the speed at which payments or transfers are made, Pix has the potential to leverage the competitiveness and efficiency of the market, lowering costs and encouraging the electronization of the payments market.

The PIX is safe?

The BC released a manual in which it states that Pix has the same security protocols as the National Financial System that is already used today and that transactions still have the security layers offered by financial institutions through cell phones, such as biometrics or recognition facial.

Transactions and user data must be protected by two main security measures: cryptography and the authentication.

In the case of Pix, cryptography prevents cyber criminals from being able to absorb or intercept information from a transfer while it is being sent from one end to the other.

Already authentication it serves to confirm that the identities of the client and the financial agent are true.

According to economists and experts in innovation in the financial market, the system is safe and designed according to security and fraud prevention rules, however, the risk lies in a criminal assuming the identity of the consumer.

Tips for safely enjoying the benefits of PIX

  • Do not click on links of messages that offer gifts, prizes, benefits or update of your registration data in financial institutions;
  • Do not provide personal data, passwords and sensitive information over the phone, e-mail, social networks and instant messaging applications;
  • Stay tuned for Pix pre-registration invitations emails;
  • When carrying out transactions using QR codes, check the authenticity of the account;
  • Always use your financial institution's official website or application updated.


 Pix is an initiative of the central bank to popularize instant payment in the country. With it we will no longer be tied to the opening hours of financial institutions.

Pix's ease reminds us of the fragility, however, experts say that, despite being a simplified form of identification, it has security solutions and layers for secure authentication.

Like any new tool offering, we need to be aware that it can occur from fraud in the registration of credentials to theft of data in the systems.

In other words, PIX failures can reach customers and institutions in the same way that other services do today.

- Vitória Silva is Junior Consultant at Safeway


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