Cyber Insurance: Is your company prepared for LGPD?

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The LGPD - General Data Protection Law (Law 53/2018) it was recently sanctioned and came into force in Brazil following the same concepts as the GDPR (European Data Protection Law). With the new law, Brazil be part of countries that have specific legislation for the protection of personal data and the privacy of its citizens, creating a landmark in the country and causing companies to start a race against time to adapt all processes to the measures required in the LGPD.

The law establishes that companies comply with a series of measures, the main ones being:

(i) governance and processes established for data collection and control;

(ii) security measures, control and prevention of data leakage;

(iii) data subjects have free access to data consultation, processing and completeness.

Companies will have to demonstrate and prove compliance with data protection rules, and in case of non-compliance with the law there are fines of up to 2% of gross revenue, for infringement, limited to R$ 50 million.

Several companies are already reviewing the processes to adapt to the LGPD, including creating new flows, but many are still unaware that Cyber Insurance (Data Protection and Cyber Responsibility Insurance) can bring even greater security to the operation. Yes, Cyber Insurance is very modern and is already fully adapted to the LGPD, even covering fines.

The Insurance basically has 2 major groups of coverages:

(i) incident response coverage that cover the insured's own losses, such as digital forensic services, data restoration and recovery costs, costs of restoring personal and society image, costs of notification and monitoring, lost profits due to network interruption; 

(ii) liability cover that cover third party losses such as fines, damages and defense costs.

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