[SMCT 2021] - Cybersecurity: career, importance and practice

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The Municipal Science and Technology Week of Santos took place in October 2021. It covered subjects such as careers, cyber security, cybersecurity practices and much more!

Leonardo Corazza, Cybersec Consultant and Red Team, Eliezer Souza, Cybersec Red Team Manager, and Umberto Rosti, Chairman at Safeway, were present and shared relevant content that is worth watching.

Check out a little of what happened in the video below:

About Safeway:

THE SAFEWAY is an Information Security company, recognized by its customers for offering high added value solutions through projects in Information security that fully meet the needs of the business. In these years of experience, we have proudly accumulated several successful projects that have given us credibility and prominence among our clients, which largely constitute the 100 largest companies in Brazil.

Today through more than 23 strategic partnerships with global manufacturers and our SOC, SAFEWAY is considered a one stop shopping with the best technology solutions, processes and people.

Let's make the world a safer place to live and do business!