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SOC (Security Operation Center) is the best way to increase your controls.

By Umberto Rosti

The demand for security services in Brazil are constantly growing. This is due to recurring breaches, frauds and information leaks, in addition to current regulations such as LGPD, Bacen Resolution No. 4,658 and No. 3,990 and the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law.

Obviously facing this scenario companies have invested strong in information security, from hiring a larger team to buying innovative solutions.

Faced with this scenario, we have reached a turning point where we need to a bigger team (not always experienced due to shortage of professionals) and high investment in technology (software and others), and yet we could not increase the effectiveness and maturity of information security controls, leaving the environment with relevant risks and not complying with regulations.

Unfortunately this scenario still leaves the organization exposed to technological risks, compliance risks that can directly impact the business are often unknown risks to senior management (which in light of the new regulations characterize negligence).

One way out is for organizations to seek a SOC (Security Operation Center) operating 24/7 to assist in monitoring technology risks and responding to security incidents often in a hybrid manner (already using the technology acquired and dedicated to each organization).

The goal of this practice is for the organization to rapidly expand its monitoring spectrum in both time and technology, no longer having such a qualified and experienced team.

This strategy, in practice, has shown that companies can raise their maturity quickly, by having an environmentally free look and reporting directly to management.

Tip: Don't waste time and resources doing a big operation that's not your core. Get a SOC and know the risks and threats of your business by remediating them quickly.

* Umberto Rosti is CEO of Safeway Consulting


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