Malware and Threat Intelligence Handling by Our SOC Analysts

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São Paulo/SP – October 03, 2022. Check out how malware and threat intelligence are handled by our SOC (Security Operations Center) analysts.

*By Renan Moreira

Through our SIEM, which is responsible for providing a favorable environment for receiving and storing logs that originate from network activity, it is possible to analyze the most diverse use cases.

Now, we will talk directly about the analysis itself – it takes place at different levels, and may involve one or more teams during the handling of cases.

For malware analysis, at each triggering of one of the use cases available to the analyzed environment, an incident is generated by the SIEM, which is handled by the SOC team. At this point, it is checked whether it is a false positive or a true action.

If there is a positive case correspondence, it is forwarded to the customer. However, if it is understood that an analysis with more comprehensive contents is necessary, it is forwarded to the level 2 team, where the logs are enriched and later forwarded to the customer, all this in a matter of moments, in an agile, practical and safe way, without harming the affected environment. This is how malware analysis is given.

There is also Threat Intelligence, where we study the client's infrastructure and from then on a proactive scope of action is foreseen. Based on the technology belonging to the client and its context, Security Newsletters are then prepared to prevent and mitigate any malicious action that may occur in their environment.

A Newsletter can be consulted through our mobile application or through the corresponding ticket on the consumer assistance platform. If the Bulletin involves the customer's environment, it will follow the flow indicated by the solution manufacturer, or, in cases where there is no solution so far, our team will develop a set of best practices to more efficiently and effectively minimize possible problems. .

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— Renan Moreira is Engineering/MSS Consultant at [SAFEWAY]

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