Vulnerabilities: Do you have questions if they exist in your implemented processes?

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 SAP Security Check

Learn about the vulnerability analysis and remediation methodology focused on checking the compliance of processes involving the SAP environment.


Perform an assessment of the maturity level of controls and parameters of the SAP environment by mapping the vulnerabilities.


& #8211; Safer and more structured environment no vulnerabilities;

& #8211; Provision of complete information for audit and control;

& #8211; Reduced risk of fraud due to increased control;

& #8211; Reduction of concession, alteration and revocation access times;

& #8211; Effective access management and control;

& #8211; View of improvement points and gaps;

& #8211; Improvement of internal controls;

& #8211; Increased user satisfaction.


& #8211; Interviews with process owners;

& #8211; Understanding of the environment and process documentation

& #8211; Change process analysis (DEV> QA> PRD);

& #8211; Analysis of safety parameters;

& #8211; User evaluation;

& #8211; Reporting with the process status and possible recommendations;

& #8211; Executive Presentation of Results.


An SAP Instance in Production Environment

Final result:

Detailed report containing identified points, recommendations and opportunities for improvement.

Estimated Timeframe:

About two weeks.

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