Our story began when barely internet in Brazil. Umberto Rosti, founding partner of the company, was one of the first to use the internet here.At that time, when the technology used only for educational purposes, had a bbs bulletin board system (something like today’s web providers in the day) and the remote access early. Always focused on businesses, he began developing software for family business and sought innovation in many different world events Information Security (IS).

Participated in the assembly of the first laboratory PenTest (method that assesses the security of a computer system or network) of Brazil, in 1999 at PwC. Since that time, it was contributing to the development of this market in large consulting firms, such as EY.

In 2007, found other professionals of the area with the same goals and purposes. At that moment, was born the first boutique Safety Information in Brazil: [SAFEWAY].

Since its founding, there were several successful projects, which earned him beyond credibility, featured on the covers of magazines and newspapers and requests for more than 7 Merger and Acquisition processes(M&A).

The [SAFEWAY] is a consulting firm focused on business, operational risk and security. The one stop shopping for the best hardware solutions, software, processes and people. Its vision: to be an Information Security company known for offering high value added solutions.

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