Vulnerability and Risk Management focused to Try-and-buy

The SAFEWAY SECURITY TOWER offers innovation and efficiency to the organization.

Modular solution without the need for large initial investments, which enables an efficient and detailed vulnerability analysis where you can view the main current risks on the business processes supported by information assets.

Benefit #1

Reduced operating costs by smoothing the investment effort and the elimination of maintenance needs and daily technical operation. Using IBM tools leader in Gartner.

Benefit #2

Modularity, flexibility and scalability in hiring solutions supporting the decisions with quick and easy access to information to allocate resources and protect assets.

Benefit #3

Bigdata, historical base and map trend senabling technical reports and executive reports.

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Success Cases

  • "I found the service SAFEWAY support an agile consulting, efficient and understand our risks and the needs of our business."

    Eduardo Cabral, Information Security, Governance and Risk Executive
  • "All the expertise of the team integrated SAFEWAY a leader in software Gartner transformed the Security Tower in a highly competitive and innovative solution."

    Marcio Nasser, CIO

The [SAFEWAY] has several solutions that can help secure your business!

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