Manage Endpoints to Detect and Respond to Breaches

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Manage Endpoints to Detect and Respond to Breaches

Endpoint security means much more than proactively and reactively protecting and hardening devices. To protect the growing attack surface associated with mobile devices, IoT devices and sensors, organizations need continuous endpoint discovery.

Continuous discovery, monitoring, assessment and prioritization reduces endpoint attack surfaces and makes it possible to detect and respond to security breaches.



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Endpoint Detection and Response For Dummies focuses on how to deploy and manage security for many kinds of endpoints. Get started on building a proactive defense and learn:
◾How to address gaps in EDR coverage
◾Best practices in EDR integration and policies
◾How to manage endpoints and create synergy with security frameworks
◾Ten key points for your path to EDR success


A SAFEWAY pode ajudá-lo na Gestão de Endpoint 

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