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Our partnerships are one of the cornerstones of Safeway's business, where long-term relationships, deep technical expertise and a long history of success bring our customers the best information security solutions. We constantly evaluate these partnerships to bring our customers what will really bring value to their business.


When it comes to cyber security threats, no one is immune. That's why IBM® Security helps its customers develop an intelligent, integrated immune system to prevent and repair the damage cyber attacks can do to their organization.

• QRadar SIEM
• QRadar Vulnerability and Risk Management
• QRadar Cloud
• AppScan
• MaaS360
• Identity and Access Management
(Web, Mobile, Policy, Single Sign-On)
• Big Fix
• Guardium
• Trusteer
• Security Secret (Password Vault)


Cybereason is a leader in endpoint protection, offering endpoint detection and response, state-of-the-art antivirus, managed monitoring and IR services.
Founded by elite intelligence professionals born and raised in the first attempt at attack, Cybereason offers companies the edge over cyber adversaries.
The Cybereason platform is powered by a personalized graphic in memory, the only truly automated hunting engine anywhere. It detects patterns of behavior at all endpoints and presents malicious operations in an exceptionally friendly interface. Cybereason is a privately held company with headquarters in Boston, with offices in London, Tel Aviv and Tokyo.






Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Uma abordagem aberta, inteligente e abrangente para "Proteger o Novo. Proteja aplicativos e dados, conduza controles e inteligência centrados em identidade e aproveite análises poderosas para detectar ameaças conhecidas e desconhecidas. As soluções da HP Micro Focus incluem a melhor plataforma de segurança de nível empresarial, com escalabilidade e análise incorporadas para impulsionar o futuro da segurança.

• ArcSight
• Fortify
• Secure Gateway


Soluções de acesso seguro projetadas para como as pessoas realmente trabalham e se conectam. Confiantemente proteja os investimentos em tecnologia, enquanto oferece aos seus usuários acesso seguro eficaz e eficiente aos recursos de que precisam para ter sucesso.

Zero Trust Network Access
Risk-Based Authentication
Digital Threat Protection
Threat Advisory Services
Federal Division


BeyondTrust security solutions provide the visibility and control you need to safely reduce risk, maintain productivity and ensure business continuity. The company is a world leader in privilege security, offering a straightforward and straightforward approach to preventing data breaches related to stolen credentials, hijacked internal accounts and improper privileges.

• Retina
• Powerbroker PAM
• IoT Vulnerability


Para um parceiro de confiança na proteção de dados e continuidade dos negócios, não procure mais do que a Arcserve. Focamo-nos continuamente na inovação para assegurar que os seus dados não estejam protegidos apenas hoje, mas também no futuro. Assegurando sempre os seus dados, protegendo sempre o que não tem preço... para a sua paz de espírito.


WatchGuard has developed approximately one million integrated multifunction threat management appliances worldwide. Its unique red boxes are engineered to be the smartest, fastest and most excellent security devices on the market, with all scanning engines running full force.

• WatchGuard Unified Threat Management (UTM)
• WatchGuard Dimension


A Imperva é líder em prover soluções de segurança aos dados e aplicações críticas nos modelos baseados em nuvem e on-premise. Com o objetivo de defender as empresas de ciberataques e ameaças internas, suas soluções permitem identificar ativos e riscos dentro dos perímetros corporativos, protegendo o que realmente importa: propriedade intelectual, planos de negócios, acordos secretos, informações de clientes e funcionários, bem como dados do dia a dia que guiam o desenvolvimento dos negócios.

• Imperva Database Activity Monitor (DAM)
• Imperva Web Application Firewall (WAF)


Varonis vision is to protect your sensitive information from threats, automate time-consuming tasks and extract intelligence from your data. The platform 'collects', stores and analyzes metadata non-intrusively, in real time, from leading unstructured data storage platforms. It was engineered from scratch by a team of technologists with expertise, deep mastery, and obstinate in tackling giant problems.

• DATADVANTAGE Data Audit & Protection
• DATALERT User Behavior Analytics
• DATA CLASSIFICATION ENGINE Sensitive Content Discovery
• DATAPRIVILEGE Data Access Governance
• DATA TRANSPORT ENGINE Data Retention & Migration
• AUTOMATION ENGINE Security Orchestration
• VARONIS EDGE Perimeter Telemetry
• GDPR PATTERNS GDPR Content Discovery
• SATANSWERS Enterprise Search And eDiscovery


Revele continuamente e mitigue seus riscos externos mais relevantes, conhecidos e desconhecidos.
Acelere na via rápida em direção a zero falsos positivos. Feche o ciclo da inteligência à ação.

Attack Surface Management
Cyber Threat intelligence
Phishing Detection
Social Media Monitoring
Supply Chain Intelligence
Forensic Canvas
Vulnerability intelligence
Risk intelligence feeds (IOC)


Safetica enxerga um mundo no qual todas as empresas, grandes e pequenas, possam se concentrar em seus negócios sem se preocupar com perda de dados e ameaças internas. Safetica acredita que a proteção de dados deve tornar a gestão do seu negócio mais fácil, e não mais difícil. Graças à expertise da Safetova, a solução é simples e eficaz.


Cloudflare protects and accelerates any Internet Online application without adding hardware, installing software, or changing a line of code. The properties provided by the company have all traffic routed through its smart global network - which improves with each new site added. As a result, you can see a significant performance improvement and a decrease in spam and other attacks.

Cloudflare has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Pioneer in Technology and named the Most Innovative Network for two consecutive years by the Wall Street Journal, a title that has also made it among the 50 placed by Fast Company.

• Web Application Firewall
• DDoS Protection


Prever continuamente ameaças, prevenir ataques e mitigar riscos empresariais usando IA generativa.


Veracode provides the application security solutions and services that today's software-driven world requires. CA Veracode's unified platform assesses and enhances application security from inception to production so that companies can confidently innovate with the mobile and web applications they create, buy and build, as well as the components they integrate in their environments.


Uma abordagem nova para a segurança

Sabíamos que a segurança poderia ser diferente. Rápida o suficiente para acompanhar ameaças dinâmicas. Inteligente o suficiente para aprender com elas. Evoluindo constantemente para manter a vantagem.

Então, a Trellix traz até você uma arquitetura XDR em constante evolução que se adapta à velocidade dos agentes de ameaça e oferece inteligência avançada contra ameaças cibernéticas. Estamos mudando o significado da segurança e o que ela pode fazer, dando a todos na sua organização a confiança que vem com estar mais seguro, todos os dias.


A Proofpoint é uma empresa líder em cibersegurança que protege as organizações em seus maiores riscos e seus ativos mais valiosos: sua equipe.

Os atacantes cibernéticos de hoje em dia visam pessoas. Conheça nossa exclusiva abordagem de proteção centrada em pessoas.


Microsoft uses intelligent security to reduce complexity, empower security teams, and provide seamless user experiences.

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Office, Office 365
Protection from Azure and Office 365 threats
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Authenticator

One Identity

One Identity oferece soluções que ajudam os clientes a fortalecer a eficiência operacional, reduzir a superfície de risco, controlar custos e aprimorar a cibersegurança. Nossa Plataforma Unificada de Identidade reúne o melhor em software para permitir que as organizações migrem de uma estratégia de identidade fragmentada para uma abordagem holística.


XM Cyber was founded by the highest caliber of security executives in Israel's elite intelligence sector. Together, they bring a proven track record unmatched in both offensive and defensive cyberspace.
Our team shares extensive experience in the latest attack techniques and in-depth knowledge of the blue team and red team processes. This distinctive skill set helps us position ourselves as the only cyber defense vendor based on ongoing, fully automated purple team activities.



Tufin is a security policy management company specializing in automating security policy changes on hybrid platforms, improving security and compliance. The Tufin Orchestration Suite supports next-generation firewalls, network layer firewalls, routers, network switches, load balancers, web proxies, private and public cloud platforms and micro services.

Tufin Orchestration Suite ™


Forcepoint products are guided by an understanding of people's behavior and intention. Our innovative technology, decades of experience and a clear vision help solve critical security issues to protect employees, business data and intellectual property.

Web Security
Email Security
Data Guard
Inside Threat


Governance, risk and compliance
Respond to business risks in real time. Connect security and IT with an integrated risk program that offers continuous monitoring, prioritization and automation.

Security Operations
Identify, prioritize and respond to threats faster. Connect existing security tools to a security orchestration, automation and response mechanism to resolve incidents quickly.


Know your data: find and inventory personal data for each data subject with BigID software. Classify, catalog and correlate all confidential customer data between sources. Get a demo. Structured and unstructured. Rights of the data subject. Petabyte scale.


Fortinet offers the most comprehensive solutions to help industries accelerate security, maximize productivity, preserve the user experience, and lower the total cost of ownership. Main solutions:

- Firewall NG
- Secure access service edge (SASE)
- Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
- Network Access Control (NAC)
- Endpoint Security (XDR/EDR)

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