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Get the best solutions in the global marketplace in one place.

From strategy to deployment, our experts will provide the best solutions to mitigate your risks and gaps, bringing insight to your operation.

Safeway proudly partners with the world's top Information Security technology companies. Our strategy of one-stop shopping aligned with Best of breed, puts us in a unique position in Brazil. We are able to address current complexity and multiple vendors quickly and simply.

Our partnerships are one of the cornerstones of Safeway's business, where long-term relationships, deep technical expertise and a long history of success bring our customers the best information security solutions. Safeway constantly evaluates our partnerships to bring our customers what will really add value to their business.

Web, email, and mobile applications are increasingly targeted by attacks, making it necessary to advance your defenses beyond network and endpoint protection. Organizations should also address concerns arising from poor visibility, poor application performance, and limited application availability. We can help your organization address these challenges by reviewing application policies, procedures, architecture, and design to identify immediate technical vulnerabilities. We can also evaluate and help optimize your non-technical controls that may affect safety over time.

  • Aligning your technology strategy and requirements with your business performance.
  • Understand people, processes and technology in your security program.
  • Increased efficiency and security of optimizing, configuring and tuning your technologies.
  • Help leverage various solutions to solve problems.
  • Services performed by experienced consultants with proven methodologies.

Protecting your data throughout its life cycle.

Data is an integral part of any business. Preventing data loss and controlling the flow of data inside and outside your organization is essential. It is vital to consider managing and protecting the entire data lifecycle, including data creation, inactive data, moving data, data in use, and data destruction. Our dedicated experts help you define your data security holes and find the right combination of services and technologies to remedy these vulnerabilities.

  • Align your technology strategy and requirements with your business performance.
  • Maximize the value of your technology investments through strategies. proven implementation and integration.
  • Access to data security expertise across multiple security controls and technologies • Understand the people, process, and technology in your data security program.
  • Increase efficiency and safety by optimizing, configuring and tuning your technologies.

Protecting your environment while maintaining connectivity.

Network security and design are significantly more complex than a few years ago, and the rate of rapidly evolving threats shows no sign of slowing down. Managing network security can be extremely difficult when you include the added complexities of compliance, BYOD and mobility requirements, lack of visibility, and the need to quickly resolve issues. We provide a wide range of network security services and solutions to help you decipher new technologies, understand which enhancements are right for your infrastructure, and separate real threats from security noises.

  • Help assess your current infrastructure and align requirements with your business performance.
  • Selecting technologies and strategic plans based on your security, compliance, and business goals.
  • Increase efficiency and safety by optimizing, configuring and tuning your technologies. • Protect the network design of network security experts.
  • Maximize the value of your technology investments from proven implementation and integration strategies.

Protection for any device.

Businesses support a wide range of terminal devices, including corporate and employee-owned PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. Protecting these devices can be incredibly difficult as they can be the target of malicious attacks and are also susceptible to unintended information sharing, misuse and user errors. We help you identify your endpoint security gaps and find the right mix of services and technologies to remedy these vulnerabilities.

  • Business alignment of your strategy and requirements beyond traditional antivirus and signature-based technologies.
  • Complete range of services to help you plan, build and execute your endpoint security program.
  • Access to experience in various security controls and technologies.
  • Unbiased comparison of technologies to help you determine the best fit based on your security, compliance, and business goals.
  • Improved efficiency and security in optimizing, configuring and tuning your technologies.

Taking Security to New Levels.

With the pressure to manage security across the enterprise infrastructure already at its highest point, adding cloud security to an already overloaded team can pose a significant risk. Designing your cloud approach with security in mind from the start can help ensure success and protect your business.

Working with Optiv lets you leverage a pool of security experts well versed in all aspects of security to help design, plan and implement your cloud initiatives. We can partner with you to help you reach your cloud strategy goals, stay safe, and activate new business models faster than you thought.

  • Leverage leading practices and expertise across multiple security disciplines to enhance your cloud strategy.
  • Securely migrate data to the cloud and manage identities more efficiently and effectively.
  • Create cloud strategies with visibility to user activity and appropriate access to data in mind.
  • Get insights into cloud threats and risks with practical recommendations.

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