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Law No. 13.853 / 2019 - LGPD - General Law for the Protection of Personal Data

The LGPD - General Data Protection Law aims to protect personal data in its treatment in digital and physical media, with the aim of protecting the fundamental rights of freedom and privacy and the free development of the data subject's personality.

Adapt to your regulatory  For your organization to be in compliance with the Law and have a competitive advantage in the treatment of personal data of its employees and customers, it is necessary to make adjustments that involve legal aspects, privacy and governance, in addition to the pillars: People, Processes and Technologies.

Your Responsibility According to The Global Risks Report 2020, Cyber Attacks and Data Breach Threats are among the top 5 global risks. Increasing the need for organizations to implement technical and administrative measures capable of guaranteeing the protection and privacy of their holders' personal data.

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Your Journey

Understand the current scenario | LGPD Assessment

Which areas have access to personal data? What business processes handle personal data? What personal data is collected? What do we need to implement? How long do we need to comply with the Law? A privacy and data protection assessment answers these and other questions. The LGPD Assessment will provide your company with a Data Map, Data Life Cycle, Identification of Risks and Gaps related to the Law and a Roadmap of Actions to be executed and implemented.

Implement secure ways to use data

Develop a privacy and data protection governance structure, adapt the processes, policies, systems, contracts, generate indicators and be ready to demonstrate the organization's compliance.

Change your way of thinking with data

Move from strategy to end-to-end data protection culture in your organization. Insert concepts like privacy by design and privacy by default, perform workshops and training on privacy and data protection for its employees and suppliers. Harvest the results of adding value in your processes, systems, products and practices.

Privacy and data protection

Safeway provides a solution end-to-end able to serve organizations of all sizes and in any industry. We have a multidisciplinary team, which includes: legal and regulatory advice, PMO and project management, information security and cybernetics, auditing, DPO and partnership with several suppliers of technological solutions. We can act at any stage of the regulatory compliance journey, including: Initial Assessment (Assessment), Implementation of the Adequacy Program, Continuous Monitoring and Operation.

DPO as a Service

We are ready to act as your DPO. Expertise and agility in the management of the attendance to the requests of data subjects, participation of internal committees, validation of DPIA, elaboration of tests of controls (audit), communication with the National Data Protection Authority and other supervisory bodies.

How can we help you

We have developed a multidisciplinary compliance journey to ensure addressing the topic comprehensively. Our approach includes the elements of Cybersecurity, Privacy, Legal, Governance and Risk.

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