2015 Imperva Web Application Attack Report (WAAR)

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relatorio impervaThe evolution of attacks against web applications continues. In recent times there has been an increase in sophistication, magnitude and speed.

A recent survey of Application Defense Center found the ease of availability of Web attack tools and services that may be the main precursor to a new wave of high-volume malicious attacks.

Web Application Attack Report (WAAR)

The ADC annual report, the Web Application Attack Report (WAAR)  provides an in-depth look at the threat landscape for the year.

The report includes hacking trends and changes, the latest cybercrime business models, breach of analysis by geography, industry, type of attack and much, much more.

Based on ADC's vast repository of recent research, intelligence and analytics, readers learn what they need to do to improve security controls and risk management processes.

With the 2015 Web Application Attack Report you will know:

  • As the number of malicious attacks has increased year after year.
  • Which applications top the list of hacker targets and why.
  • Which reputation-based detection mechanisms are effective in identifying attacks based on known sources.

[SAFEWAY] IMPERVA's business partner makes the new report available for download.

Download here

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