Security Architectures for Cloud Environments - Containers

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*By Roberto Santana

What are Containers?

Containers are an OS-level virtualization methodology that allows you to run multiple isolated systems on a single real system.

Its main difference from common virtualization is that containers are able to share the same operating system kernel, saving resources.

By packaging the application in a container, it is possible to use it in any environment, as everything needed to run it successfully is already in the container.

Containers are often used to package individual functionality, eg Mysql, phpMyAdmin, etc. These features are called microservices, which are the small parts of an application divided into specialized services.

Container Orchestration?

Orchestration is the automation of the deployment, management, scaling and networking of containers.

With an orchestrator (Docker, Kubernets, Amazon ECS, etc), we define an application's configuration using a JSON or YAML file. This file informs the location of the container images, how to establish a network and where to store the records, in addition to managing the entire lifecycle of this container, according to the specifications of the composition files.

Security for Environments with Containers

Container security is the protection of the integrity of containers. This includes everything from the applications they contain to the infrastructure on which they run. It is recommended that the process be continuous, that is, it must be integrated into the development process.

When securing containers, we must consider a few points:

  • Container host security
  • Container network traffic
  • Application security within the container
  • The fundamental layers of your application
  • The integrity of your development pipeline, among others.

Remember, you can always count on Safeway to conduct a safety assessment and remain in your safe environment.

— Roberto Santana is a Cyber Security Consultant at [SAFEWAY]

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