Do you just want to put out fires? Change and invest in Management!

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It is no secret that data breach is becoming increasingly common in the world and in Brazil. Hacking Attacks increasingly sophisticated companies penetrate corporate and government networks at an increasingly mind-blowing pace. We know that no company or institution with an internet connection is immune. Target, Sony and JP Morgan Chase are just a few who were targeted by this type of attack. Also recently we were able to watch a data breach at a US office that resulted in the theft of personal information by federal employees.

All organizations, public and private, should be aware of the dangers of these types of attacks and especially the responsibilities they may incur regarding their security protocol and / or their response to a breach. THE Ponemon Institute, a research center that studies privacy and data protection, recently launched The 2015 Cost of Data Breach Studys: Global Analyzes, who found that the average cost of a data breach for a business is $ 3790,000, an increase of 23% since 2013.

Passivity and lack of resources in security investments should no longer be an excuse. Putting out fires can be an attitude that will bring incalculable damage.

Thinking about it, the SAFEWAY, in conjunction with IBM QRadar technology, has developed an innovative Threat and Vulnerability Management solution through continuous and proactive monitoring of organizations' critical infrastructures to create, evaluate and improve their cyber security. Created as a result of an executive vision, management is comprised of a set of guidelines designed to address and manage cyber risk more cost-effectively and primarily.

The solution fully integrates with the best scanners market, as Qualys, Nessus and Rapid7. Recalling that between 2013 and 2014 the number of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) increased by more than 50%.

One of the major benefits of implementing Threat and Vulnerability Management is the presence of an executive report that provides proof that the company uses well-established industry standards in the design and implementation of its cyber security system. This could prevent future implications that the organization has acted with negligence regarding the protection of private data.

Currently extinguishing fires is not enough. Threat and Vulnerability Management has to be seen as part of the business. You cannot neglect it.

Performing Threat and Vulnerability Management through continuous monitoring will enable the organization to make decisions and prioritize its action plans, as well as to quickly report to executives on their risk exposure, compliance with standards and points of reference. audits.

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