Bluebugging or Hacker Attack via Bluetooth? Which is? And how to protect yourself?

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São Paulo/SP – November 16, 2022. bluebugging is a technique of hacking that allows individuals to access a device with a connection Bluetooth detectable

*By Marcelo Jacob

bluebugging is a technique of hacking that allows individuals to access a device with a connection Bluetooth detectable. Once the target device accesses a link manipulated, the attacker can take full control of it. O hacker can read and send messages, access the victim's phonebook, and initiate or listen to phone calls. This technique was most often used to spy on or wiretap computers with Bluetooth🇧🇷 With the increasing use of smartphones, cybercriminals began to hack mobile phones. This attack is often limited due to the range of connections Bluetooth, which only reaches 10 meters, but it is important to mention that some attackers use booster antennas to extend their attack range.

O bluebugging starts when one hacker tries to pair with the victim's device via Bluetooth. After a connection is established, the hacker install a backdoor or malware to bypass authentication. O malware is usually designed to gain unauthorized access by exploiting a vulnerability. In some cases, an attacker can compromise a device through a brute force attack, which involves making Login repeatedly on the victim's account by randomly guessing username and password combinations. As soon as the hacker gets access, it can essentially do what the device owner can, like read messages, make calls, or modify contact details.

Best practices to protect yourself from bluebugging

Here are suggestions to help you avoid the bluebugging:

Update Devices

Older devices make the bluetooth discoverable by default. This leaves systems open to unsolicited connections. Newer computers and phones have fixed this issue. Those using older units may need to update their software or turn off bluetooth when not in use.

Limit Connections

If you are exchanging sensitive data, limit your connection usage.

Monitor Data and Unsolicited Messages

Knowing your usual data consumption is helpful. When you notice spikes, someone could be hacking into your device and using your data. Messages from strangers should always be ignored or deleted immediately. As much as possible, make your device undetectable.

Suspicious Activities

It is also important to note if your device is doing any unusual actions, such as suddenly disconnecting and reconnecting calls. This could indicate that someone else is controlling you. When this happens, reset to factory settings to uninstall unwanted and potentially dangerous apps.

— Marcelo Jacob is a GRC Consultant at [SAFEWAY]

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