Presence of risks and vulnerabilities? How should CISOS report this information to their Boards?

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According to the report IBM Empowers the CISO, #8220; in the recent past reports Security has been delivered too technically through extensive and complex reporting. This has meant that directors and executive boards often had little understanding of the true state of IT security, with no real details of its business risks, vulnerabilities and financial losses. & #8220;

The report also states that the CISO has an average of over 50 tools used to manage security. While it may be tempting for a CISO reporting on all available safety data, it would be wasting everyone's time on endless meetings damaging the vision of the board of directors of the CISO as a risk leader.

And how can CISO filter the huge mountain of security data to provide a clear picture of your organization's vulnerabilities and risks?

Through the following question: After all, what do Boards are you looking for?
Of course all CISOs They must be ready to address what the board wants to know about it: vulnerabilities, risks and cyber threats.
But in short he must be prepared to answer three basic questions:
1. What are the new security threats and risks that may hit us and how would they affect our organization?
2. Is our organization's security program ready to meet today's challenges and potential threats tomorrow?
3. What are the key risk indicators that we should assess at executive management level that would be effective for all areas?


Thinking about the answers to these questions the SAFEWAY developed a solution that points to the real need to update the risks and vulnerabilities that may be present in enterprise applications directly affecting the business area.

Our team of experts is offering and sharing the  Security Experience Test for 30 days Level 1 SECURITY TOWER. After the test you will have a report preview with some analysis that can help you think through these answers, dashboards executives and planning with the main actions for 2016.

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