We are from new home!

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We are from new home!

October has always been a month of celebration in [SAFEWAY]

The opening date was on 01/10/2007 and change after these years has now occurred in 21/10/2016.

New ideas, new projects, innovation and commitment to our customers.

This celebration is part of everyone who has gone through the [SAFEWAY], partners, employees, customers, suppliers, friends.

The concept of change is: An innovative and more modern environment for servicing new projects and a new and larger risk and vulnerability monitoring laboratory.

We are on the 9th floor of Manoel da Nóbrega Street, 456 & #8211; Set 93 and 94 & #8211; Paradise

11 4063-3221

Soon we will celebrate. Soon an open office!

Hugs to all,


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