What is the biggest cybersecurity challenge?

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*By Renan Moreira

It is not recent that we know the importance of having a robust (protected) system, in addition to maintaining security policies and controls. However, do you know what the biggest challenge for cybersecurity professionals is?

In fact, these topics mentioned above are essential, but what we will clarify during this article is the main threat actor for a system: people. It is true that there are malicious individuals roaming the computer network around the world and it is also true that your employee can suffer if a comfortable environment is not provided to perform their work, not providing support (teamwork), stressful, exhausting (due to many demands, you must balance and divide tasks in the team), lack of the necessary skills for agile and quality development, and above all, an environment with poor communication.

Your company may experience some of these symptoms mentioned above, and now you may be asking yourself: but how are we going to solve, or drastically reduce these and other problems? The answer may be more unexpected than I realized – through establishing a culture of safety.

How to establish a Safety Culture

There are many ways to implement a safety culture. What we will guide is so that your company permeates and evaluates all points to ensure a minimum level of coverage in the sectors that score the most, check:

  1. Training

Employees need to undergo high quality training on policies, procedures and understand the security risks to which they are subject, as well as practices to mitigate these occurrences.

Training should be provided to scope employees and, if possible, to everyone in your internal environment. It is worth noting that the management team must follow the training to assess when it is necessary to update the training/certification and must document all the steps.

  1. measurable goals

Your organization must have defined goals and reliable metrics so that the operation is successful and it is possible to achieve these goals.

To this end, constantly assess progress and make adjustments if necessary.

  1. Vulnerability and incident analysis

Your organization must have a plan in place to address system vulnerabilities and prevent incidents. If it is not possible to perform this analysis internally, your organization can hire an outsourced service, which makes your environment leaner and can generate agility in the work of your employees.

Safeway provides this type of service, so don't hesitate to contact us and learn how your organization will be treated with the best solutions, processes and people.

The important thing is that your company has this point well clarified between the management team and the teams that work in the operations.

  1. Employee engagement

If your organization wants to have a strong safety culture, it would be natural to have employees who are highly engaged with safety. They even proactively work to keep the environment healthy and operating at its best – even provide feedback on opportunities for improvement.

  1. Constant analysis of security spending

This point does not necessarily indicate that security spending should always be increased. In fact, this analysis seeks to find the sectors with the greatest lag and, if necessary, reallocate resources that are poorly dimensioned in other sectors that do not need such investment.

It is important to assess accurately, because when reallocating resources, the sector that would currently be in a positive state can become a threat point for the business. We can conclude, then, that we need constant monitoring of assets, people and systems, so as not to result in waste.

  1. simplified process

Gather safety rules in a single and integrated system, so that employees have a management and understanding with greater results. Focus on metrics to avoid incidents and accidents, not to solve them.

  1. Prioritize properly

Safety is not a priority, it is one of the organization's core values. Priorities may change every year, semester, quarter and even monthly, but the values will always be there. Fit security into these values, and it will always be considered before making any major decisions, in any department.

Other important tips 

Your organization can follow the most indicated standards of the market, know:

  • Plan (study, equipment, structure, costs)
  • Organize (security procedures, management, technical supervision)
  • Lead by example (managers acting as expected)
  • Inspect/investigate (of equipment and procedures to avoid accidents)
  • Correct/instruct (correct what is wrong and instruct everyone)
  • Praise/disclose (exemplary behaviors)
  • Evaluate (analyze the program, develop solutions and keep improving)

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— Renan Moreira is Domain Administrator at [SAFEWAY]

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