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RSA Tokens


Using the widest range of authenticators RSA SecurID ® (tokens card, hardware and software), O RSA Authentication Manager provides two-factor user authentication for virtual private networks (VPNs), wireless networks, web applications, business applications, and operating environments from any other system available today.

The virtual appliance RSA Authentication Manager offers the flexibility to support a wide range of authentication methods, manageability, and operability with other leading IT vendor products.

When organizations have confidence that their information is secure, they have the power to use it to speed up their business.

The authentication system RSA SecurID ® It is one of the key components of an organization's identity security strategy. Trusted identities managed by the solution bring confidence to daily transactions and support new business models by providing secure access for employees, customers and partners, while striking the right balance between risk, cost and convenience.

Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on authenticators RSA SecurID to protect network resources. Used in conjunction with the RSA Authenticaon Manager ®the authenticator RSA SecurID requires users to identify with two unique factors & #8211; something they know and what only they have.

Millions of people use authenticators RSA SecurID securely access VPNs, wireless access points, web applications, and network operating systems.

RSA offers a wide range of authenticator options that meet your cost, convenience, and security needs.

RSA SecurID (RSA TOKENS) provide organizations with:

  • Strong network security;

  • Trusted authentication;

  • Convenient solutions for end users;

  • Choice of formats and options (including tokens cards, hardware and software, as well as on-demand authenticators)

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