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São Paulo, 03.08.2023 – A SAFEWAY announced today that it has received a significant stake through Stefanini Ventures. This participation aims to accelerate the company's global growth with the consolidation of the cybersecurity, risk and compliance market in Brazil and in other parts of the world.

THE SAFEWAY is transforming the way companies approach cybersecurity, delivering innovative and advanced solutions that protect against the most sophisticated threats in the digital world. With this participation, the company plans to expand its business into new markets through the Stefanini Group ecosystem.

“We are very excited about the participation of the Stefanini Group,” said Umberto Rosti, CEO of Safeway. “This will allow us to accelerate our growth and develop even more advanced solutions to help our customers protect against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.”

With the constant increase in cyber threats around the world, the demand for cyber security solutions continues to grow rapidly. A SAFEWAY is positioned to lead the cybersecurity market with its technology, understanding of risk and compliance, and a team of highly skilled experts.

“This movement will strengthen our expansion strategy, together with the Stefanini Group, of our SOC model and other Cybersecurity, Risk and Compliance solutions, making Stefanini’s Cybersecurity structure the largest in Latin America”, reinforces Umberto Rosti

“We are very excited about the acquisition of a stake in SAFEWAY “, said Marco Stefanini, Global CEO of Stefanini “The SAFEWAY has a strong reputation in the cybersecurity industry for over 15 years and is a valuable part of our cybersecurity strategy. Together, we are well-positioned to lead this market.”


THE SAFEWAY is an Information Security company recognized by its customers for offering high added value solutions through Information Security projects that fully meet the needs of the business. In these years of experience, the company has accumulated several projects that have earned credibility and prominence among its clients, most of them among the 100 largest companies in Brazil. Today, thanks to more than 23 strategic partnerships with global manufacturers and its SOC, Safeway is considered a one stop shop with the best technology solutions, processes and people.

Safeway stands out with solutions like the Safeway Security Tower, a 24/7 SOC dedicated to each customer, ISO27001 certified, monitoring and managing incidents at large customers. besides the Cybersecurity Health Check identifying risks associated with information security and privacy of business processes, in order to increase the level of maturity and resilience of its customers. We also highlight solutions in Governance, Risk and Compliance, ISO Certifications, LGPD and Privacy.

About the IT Strategic STF

Stefanini is a Brazilian information technology (IT) and consulting services company with a global presence. Founded in 1987, the company offers a wide range of services, including software development, cloud services, customer support services, data analysis, business and technology consulting, among others.

Stefanini is considered one of the largest IT companies in Brazil and is present in over 40 countries, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America. The company has more than 25,000 employees and serves customers across industries such as finance, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications and utilities.

The company has received recognition for its performance in the IT market, having been included in the Global Outsourcing 100 ranking, by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), and in the ranking of the 100 best information technology services companies in the world, by the magazine British Information Services Group (ISG).