Sincades Tech: Information Security vs. Threat Scenario

By March 12, 2021 No Comments

This Friday, March 12, SAFEWAY was selected to participate in a Pitch Time for companies associated with Sincades Tech.

Sincades Tech it is a hub for innovation in the wholesale and distribution of Espírito Santo - a program carried out by Sincades, and operated in partnership with Neo Ventures and Universidade Vila Velha. We exist to connect companies in the sector to the national innovation ecosystem, stimulating, through collaboration, the development of ideas, technological solutions and products aimed at the segment.
Sincades Tech has strategic groups to discuss and seek innovative solutions for five themes relevant to the wholesale and distributor sector: Logistics, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources, Information Technology and Tax.


The chosen theme was: How to guarantee Information Security in the face of constant threats that arise every day?

Information Security, if we think about a few years ago (maybe 10 years ago), was a concern of large companies and highly regulated markets, such as: finance, telecom, etc. However, with the technological evolution and the constant digital transformation faced by companies, combined with specific regulations of sectors (BC4893) or even national laws (LGPD), it pressured companies to look at Information Security, in many cases as a factor that could enable business continuity. In this short video we will explain about it, but we can say that a set of practices needs to be adopted, since there is no single solution in practice.

* Marcos Paulo Freitas is GRC and Information Security Manager at [SAFEWAY]


SAFEWAY is an Information Security company, recognized by its customers for offering high added value solutions, through Information Security projects that fully meet the needs of the business. In these years of experience, we have accumulated, with great pride, several successful projects that have earned us credibility and prominence in our clients, which constitute in large part, the 100 largest companies in Brazil. Today through more than 22 strategic partnerships with global manufacturers and our SOC, SAFEWAY is considered a one stop shopping with the best technology, process and people solutions.