Coronavirus - What to focus on now? Actions during the pandemic

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New and rapidly evolving risks, such as the ones we are facing with Coronavirus, are unpredictable and difficult to measure, even more affecting everyone, locally and globally.

Companies, institutions and governments have been adapting impressively in the past two months to deal with this unknown. According to the State Government of SP, at a LIDE conference on 02/04/2020, more than 60% of the state's population is not circulating.

Reacting with best practices can make the difference between controlling the impact or letting the impact control your actions.

The speed of your response will be your organization's resilience!


What is essential? Focus on critical points, impacts and potential changes.

The context allows you to see new COVID risks from different perspectives, such as geographic, customers, suppliers, lines of business, assets and technologies.

Information from agencies, regulatory bodies and WHO is essential to make up this context.

Incident visibility must also be taken into account, which is crucial to prioritize your response and correction efforts, in addition to the need for proactive incident reporting and monitoring by employees in order to see your extended business and heat maps. contextual.

  • Do you know what the impact is (current and potential)? Assess the scope of the impact to predict changes, delays or alternatives in the workforce and supply networks.
  • Contingency plans for reported incidents need to be clearly communicated to everyone involved.
  • It is also important to conduct quick impact assessments for employees, systems and third parties.
  • Disclose correct and simple information to the main stakeholders and keep them informed in an agile way.
  • Create an “information tree” and workflow hierarchy - who needs to know what information and at what rate. Daily? Per hour? Self-service reports?
  • Assemble a virtual organizational team to lead the delivery of key information that may be required by employees, customers, senior management and directors, stakeholders, rescuers, partners and others.
  • Don't forget to plan for reporting automation and track progress.
  • Understand when you can or should expect a change - from an office, critical supplier or region of operation, due to a lockdown to contain the pandemic.

Finally, perhaps the most challenging, project the trajectory and moment of change of the necessary resources.


What is necessary? Leadership means taking action, leveraging what works tactically.

  • Design Playbooks - get the essence of the right actions in the hands of those who can act and continuously improve, instead of reinventing the wheel.
  • Review policies, procedures and controls around the realities impacted by COVID19.
  • Establish safety rules and standards for remote work from home.
  • Try to hold meetings with customers in alternative locations, or online.
  • Establish travel policies, especially with procedures for high-risk areas.
  • In times of crisis, quick and concise adaptations based on changing conditions can make the difference between success and failure.
  • Distribute revised policies and recommendations and map to useful content and recommendations from WHO and other authorized sources.
  • Even in adverse situations, it is important to ensure compliance with regulations, which may vary by country and / or region.
  • Improve cybersecurity controls, workplace integrity and access control to technology.
  • In order to ensure agility in team communication and interaction, provide fast and easy-to-use collaboration tools for employees.
  • Make sure your IT / Security teams are vigilant and block the bad actors who take advantage of new vulnerabilities that may arise.
  • Deploy cloud technology to COVID19-related applications for easy, 24/7 and secure access from the front line, suppliers and other interested parties.


We have helped our clients in this crisis and other high impact and low probability events over the years.

Know your options better.

We are here to help!

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