Free Cybersecurity and Communication Tools to help your company during the Coronavirus pandemic

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Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) many organizations have triggered their contingency plans and have their employees working remotely.

Incredibly, many of these plans did not provide for a scenario where 100% of their employees would work remotely and indefinitely (not to mention that many organizations either had contingency or business continuity plans).

This brought to the Information Technology area the challenge of quickly deploying new systems that allow remote operation, and in return for Information Security, new risks and systems to control.

To help this wave of remote collaborators, many companies are offering free licenses in this period in a collaborative way for that moment.

SAFEWAY has created a simple and organized list of cybersecurity and communication tools, which can be interesting for any business right now.

Safeway is also collaboratively offering companies important assistance in mitigating risks and reducing exposure at this time. We offer a free evaluation of your networks and remote connections as well as your workstations.

Also enjoy and watch this WEBINAR COVID-19: How to mitigate cyber risks in the home office


And let's go to the list of free tools:


  1. Cloudfare: Free Cloudflare Teams for SMB and remote employees to operate and access internal applications safely and easily without VPN (free for 6 months).
  2. Intsights: free evaluation of company data and information on deep and dark web. (contact us for this evaluation.
  3. SANS Security Awareness: developed the “Securely Working from Home” kit in response to the pandemic. The free kit contains training material and a step-by-step guide to train your staff. (also contains material for personal use).
  4. Senseon: offers its Endpoint 360 free of charge for six months to protect the workstation of its remote employees.
  5. 1Password: removed the trial from his 1Password Business, and left it free for six months, he manages logins and passwords and recommends using more secure passwords.
  6. Cyber Risk Aware: is offering a phishing simulation using invite-19 for up to 100 users, a good opportunity to test people's awareness.
  7. Druva: it also offers 6 months for endpoint and office 365 protection, a way to maintain compliance and strengthen security for those working in the cloud.
  8. Senseon: is another tool for endpoint protection to help companies take control of the remote environment.
  9. Kaspersky: releases a free version of its antivirus in Kaspersky Security Cloud.
  10. IBM: granted its Cloud Multifactor Authenticator and Single Sign-on for 90 days.
  11. XMCyber:  a cloud platform for continuous scanning (BAS - Breach and Attach Simulation) free for 30 days to assess your security.



  1. PandaDoc: PandaDoc has released e-sign plans for an unlimited number of users, documents and subscriptions.
  2. Cisco: Duo Security double authentication factor free license, same thing for Umbrella and AnyConnect VPN, which are free until July 1st. Also the famous Webex has no time restrictions for up to 100 participants.
  3. Microsoft: He is granting a free trail to Office 365 E1 for six months, including Microsoft Teams.



As we will not have detachment for a long time, everyone will have more free time, take the opportunity to learn something new and develop.

  1. LinkedIn: offers 16 free courses for professional development, remote work, productivity and stress management.
  2. Harvard: offers several online courses with a certificate.
  3. FGV: offers many free courses from different areas also without restrictions.
  4. SUS APP: for online screening of the Corona virus, it is important that the team uses this APP to avoid going to the hospital unnecessarily and to continue working remotely.

And not least, healthy mind, healthy body, exercise, take care of food, everything can be done online with the help of video or podcast, enjoy and share these tips with your team.


Note: This page will continue to be updated constantly. (last update 3/27/2020)

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