Did you know that IBM Watson is being used to fill the gaps in cyber security?

Since the beginning of the year [SAFEWAY]business partner of IBM Security, eagerly following the official announcement and availability of technology Watson for Cyber Security, the industry's first augmented intelligence technology designed to power Cognitive Security Operations Centers (SOCs). Over the past year, Watson has been trained in the cyber security language by ingesting over one million security documents. The technology will help analysts analyze thousands of research reports more quickly and accurately.

According to IBM research, IS teams spend over 200,000 security events per day on average, with more than 20,000 hours lost per year chasing false positives. The need to introduce cognitive technologies in SOCs will be critical to keep pace with the anticipated duplication of security incidents in the next five years.

Because now is the time!

We are working so that the IBM Watson Cyber Security integrated into the SAFEWAY SECURITY TOWER bringing together advanced cognitive technologies with security operations and providing the ability to respond to endpoint, network, user, and cloud threats. The centerpiece of this platform is IBM QRadar Watson Advisor, a new application available on IBM Security App Exchange, the first tool that leverages Watson's cyber security insights corpus.

With the growth in security events, IBM has also invested in research to bring cognitive tools to its global X-Force Command Center network. One of the first innovations now available includes the Watson powered chat bot for IBM Managed Security Services clients. IBM also unveiled a new research project, codenamed Havyn, pioneering the voice security assistant that leverages Watson technology to respond to verbal commands and the natural language of security analysts.

SAFEWAY SECURITY TOWER powered by IBM Watson Security

Security teams evolve their strategies and tactics to thwart cybercriminals. The introduction of cognitive technologies into Security Operations Centers will be critical to keeping pace. A recent IBM study found that only 7% of IS professionals are using cognitive tools today, but that usage is expected to triple over the next three years.

SECURITY TOWER puts cognitive technologies in the hands of our security consultants, increasing their ability to bridge intelligence gaps and acting quickly and accurately.



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